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Doc enhancements for new release
I think it's really a pity CASCADE support is not added ATM.  
Hopefully it can be added later on, in a not too distant future.

Obviously SQLite already knows what dependents exists, otherwise  
RENAME COLUMN wouldn't work as it does, so deleting those as well  
when the DROP COLUMN is qualified with an explicit CASCADE, should  
have been fairly easy I suspect.

That's both standard behavior, but also very common behavior in my  
experience, to use CASCADE during drops. FWIW.

> PS: If SQLite had a pragma to list dependencies between objects of  
  the schema, then at least one would be able to programmatically  
  do the CASCADE, by deleting those first in topological order, but  
  w/o it, and w/o CASCADE, one has to be intimately aware of schema  
  intricacies, which in large schemas, or schemas you inherited and  
  didn't design yourself (or both!), is not always that easy, far from it.