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Possible bug: Unable to find an entry point

Further to this I can confirm that when upgrading from System.Data.SQLite.Core to and distributing our application to users that the users are frequently encountering the following error (not universally):

System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Unable to find an entry point named 'SIfcfad09d1b0a60ec' in DLL 'SQLite.Interop.dll'.\r\n at System.Data.SQLite.UnsafeNativeMethods.sqlite3_open_interop(Byte[] utf8Filename, Byte[] vfsName, SQLiteOpenFlagsEnum flags, Int32 extFuncs, IntPtr& db)\r\n at System.Data.SQLite.SQLite3.Open(String strFilename, String vfsName, SQLiteConnectionFlags connectionFlags, SQLiteOpenFlagsEnum openFlags, Int32 maxPoolSize, Boolean usePool)\r\n at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteConnection.Open()\r\n at System.Data.Common.DbConnection.OpenAsync(CancellationToken cancellationToken)\

We have been distributing this app with SQLite for years, generally following the latest System.Data.SQLite.Core 

My (unsubstantiated) theory is there could be a particular brand of Anti-Virus that's somehow interfering with the assembly load, or certain users have older SQLite.Interop.dll installed in the GAC and for some reason it's picking that up.

I can confirm `SIfcfad09d1b0a60ec` is the SQLite.Interop.dll export of sqlite3_open_interop in

 [DllImport("SQLite.Interop.dll", EntryPoint = "SIfcfad09d1b0a60ec")]
    internal static extern SQLiteErrorCode sqlite3_open_interop(
      byte[] utf8Filename,
      byte[] vfsName,
      SQLiteOpenFlagsEnum flags,
      int extFuncs,
      ref IntPtr db);