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There are serious misconceptions to be shed before your frustration can end. You claim to want to do something which is ambiguously stated and, to the extent it is meaningful to folks here, impossible or impractical, not to mention useless.

> With SQLite, I do NOT need to download ANY version of SQLite.

If you can utilize something properly called "SQLite" on your machine without downloading it (or otherwise transferring it there), then it (or them if more than one such exists) will have some specific version(s), which you cannot "programmatically" select. You might be able to somehow select which already present version you utilize. If you find the already present version(s) insufficient for your (as yet mysterious) purposes, then you will need to download (or otherwise transfer) the version(s) you desire.

> endeavour to figure out if I could use a version of SQLite that I CHOOSE

The present and past versions of SQLite are readily available. A brief perusal of the sqlite.org site, particularly its extensive documentation, will lead you to where they are, how to get (or download) them, and how to convert what you get to something you might execute.

> extremely disturbing/frustrating are the responses ... WITHOUT adding any clarity to the question raised.

The questions you have posted are extremely unclear, hence you have gotten answers that are responsive to various interpretations of your question. How about, instead of repeating things like "use a version of SQLite that I CHOOSE", you put the actions you intend (or wish) to take and outputs you hope will result into concrete terms?

> I am still looking for a way to use the version of SQLite that I choose with C# or VB.NET or VBA or R.

As Ryan so patiently explained, (to no avail), to do those things you will need to either: build the versions you will be choosing into something usable in those programming systems; or find them already built by somebody else such that you can download (or otherwise transfer) them to your machine. That seems like a lot of work either way, for very little benefit that I can imagine (without involving masochism), so I wonder if maybe you have a higher level objective, for which this "choose the version I want" capability is only a means. If you could state what you are trying to do with all these versions, somebody here can probably suggest a less labor intensive way to get that done.

By the way, your early request for sample code and "programmatic" version selection has really thrown the discussion in a direction that seems very different from and incompatible with your present "endeavour to figure out if I could use a version of SQLite that [you] CHOOSE." You have gotten answers to the questions asked that were as good as any programmer should expect and which cast your "only ONE valid response" assessment into the vague complaint category. Your time and our time would be better spent if what you are trying to do was made more clear. Without that, I am ready to view this whole thread as a some sort of childish game playing and a waste of serious people's time.