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Table and index in separate files
> Well no. The index b-tree has a different root page than the table b-tree. They are not intermixed. A page is EITHER an index page OR a table page. Not a mishmash of both.

Yes, I know that. A custom VFS would have to keep track of which pages are which, put them into separate files, and then read back those files and reassign them the correct page number in the combined database. That isn't very useful of course, since if you update the database and then use the old version of one file and the new version of the other one, the pages will get mixed up and it won't work; also it would have be complicated to implement since it would have to parse the database file format.

There is no reason that this would be useful, I think. Even if you managed to implement this, the separate table and index files could not be used individually, anyways. And it would be too less efficient than the normal way, anyways.