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> files can be up-loaded

It's possible in principle, since the Fossil forum feature is based on its wiki feature at a low level, and Fossil wiki articles allow attachments.

However, every time it's come up over the ~2 years the Fossil Forums has existed, no one has chosen to create the feature.

I suspect this is because forum posting is usually more "open" on a public repository than wiki posting, and no one wants large permanent Fossil block chain artifacts being created by low-privileged users.

If you need to post something you'd describe as a "file," and you don't have permission to commit directly to the Fossil repo in question, it's probably best to just host it elsewhere and point at it.

Not that this matters in your case, because I suspect you're asking as a result of your failure to format the PHP code in [this post](/forumpost/b0ae009d76). We'll come back to that later.

> different fonts can be chosen

If by "font" you mean "typeface," I don't see that ever happening, since it isn't a feature of the forum's current markup languages, which purposely separate presentation from semantic markup. Presentation is up to the administrator's skinning preferences.

If you just mean typography features like boldface, fixed-width, etc., then we already have that...

> code blocks can be shown 

...and already have that.

> In the interim what is "Markup style" Supposed to do.

Try replying to this post, then notice that the text you're quoting is a hyperlink. On visiting it, you get taken to a page that answers this very question and shows how you can get code blocks, boldface, hyperlinks out to external sites, etc.

> I have checked all options and the text seems to be all the same.

For simple texts, Fossil Wiki and Markdown can be compatible, and they have similar overall philosophies.

However, I don't see how you could not tell the difference between those two and the Plain Text option for the post linked above. That would have solved your formatting problem, though not in the most elegant way, that being the "\`\`\`php" solution [anonymously suggested](/forumpost/28bbec56d8) in reply to the problem post.

This feature is described in "Literal/Verbatim Text - Code Blocks" point 3 of the [Markdown Rules document][1] linked from the "Markup Style" text in the posting window.

If you'd prefer to suss this sort of thing out by example rather than by reading the documentation, find a post that's formatted the way you want yours to look and click the "[raw]" link in its header. That will show you the text as written in the reply box, before formatting is applied to it.

[1]: https://sqlite.org/forum/md_rules