Annual Maintenance Subscription

An SQLite Annual Maintenance Agreement is an affordable way to get expedited bug fixes and quick and accurate answers to common SQLite programming questions such as these:

"How much memory does SQLite require to run and what can I do to minimize its memory usage?"
"Can I rewrite my queries to make them run faster?"
"Explain how the paging subsystem works. Does it really protect the database from corruption during a power loss?"
"Will SQLite work correctly in my customized multi-threaded environment?"
"What does this error message mean, really?"

SQLite is open-source which gives you full access to the code and there is an active development community on the web that you can go to for free help. So if you spend a little time and effort you can probably answer all of these questions yourself. But for many commercial users, it makes more sense to have an expert at hand - someone you can call to get an authoritative answer in a hurry. That is what an annual maintenance subscription is all about.

Services Included

The following are the services you can receive with an annual maintenance subscription:

Limitations And Exclusions

An annual maintenance subscription provides entry-level support for SQLite. In order for us to keep down the cost of a maintenance subscription and to provide a convenient fixed-price package, we must make certain limitations on the amount of service you can receive under an annual maintenance subscription.

Higher Levels Of Support

If you need more support than is provided by an annual maintenance subscription, then you might be interested in a Technical Support Agreement or even becoming an SQLite Consortium Member. If none of these options meet your needs, we will be happy to discuss a customized technical support package designed specifically for you. Contact us at the address given below for additional information.

How To Purchase A Maintenance Subscription

A maintenance subscription costs $1500 (US) for one year. You can sign up online and pay by credit card or PayPal. Or, on the same online form you can request an invoice or quote. If you have any trouble with the online form, or if you just prefer to communicate directly with another human being, call +1.704.948.4565 or send email to "drh at sqlite dot org".