Annual Maintenance Subscription

An Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) for SQLite provides email support for SQLite. The level of support is similar to what you can get for free on the public SQLite forum. The difference is that AMS is private (no one other than you and the SQLite core developers will see your email traffic) and is prioritized ahead of issues that arise on the public forum.

Your AMS comes with an implied unilateral non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The SQLite developers will not reveal anything about you or your product that is not already generally known to the public. We will neither confirm nor deny whether you are an AMS client without your permission. This NDA can be formalized if desired.

AMS clients send email questions or concerns to "". Questions are answered by the SQLite developers as soon as practical, by return email. There is no guaranteed response time, however you should normally hear back without an hour or so during normal working hours, or within a day on weekends and holidays.

An Annual Maintenance Subscription has a single contact person who should be included in all email messages. Support issues can be raised by collegues of the Contact Person in the same work group. A single AMS can be used by an entire development team as long as all team members know and are known by the Contact Person and interact with the Contact Person on a daily basis and as long as the Contact Person is included on all emails.

The term of an Annual Maintenance Subscription is 365 days (366 days on leap years). The term usually starts on the date of purchase. However, for renewals that occur prior to the expiration of a prior AMS, the prior AMS is extended by one full year.

To purchase an Annual Maintenance Subscription for SQLite, or to request a quote, fill out the form below, or call our office during US East Coast business hours at +1.704.948.4565.

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