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SQLite C Interface

Standard File Control Opcodes

#define SQLITE_LAST_ERRNO             4
#define SQLITE_FCNTL_SIZE_HINT        5

These integer constants are opcodes for the xFileControl method of the sqlite3_io_methods object and for the sqlite3_file_control() interface.

The SQLITE_FCNTL_LOCKSTATE opcode is used for debugging. This opcode causes the xFileControl method to write the current state of the lock (one of SQLITE_LOCK_NONE, SQLITE_LOCK_SHARED, SQLITE_LOCK_RESERVED, SQLITE_LOCK_PENDING, or SQLITE_LOCK_EXCLUSIVE) into an integer that the pArg argument points to. This capability is used during testing and only needs to be supported when SQLITE_TEST is defined.

The SQLITE_FCNTL_SIZE_HINT opcode is used by SQLite to give the VFS layer a hint of how large the database file will grow to be during the current transaction. This hint is not guaranteed to be accurate but it is often close. The underlying VFS might choose to preallocate database file space based on this hint in order to help writes to the database file run faster.

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