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SQLite C Interface

Checkpoint a database

int sqlite3_wal_checkpoint(sqlite3 *db, const char *zDb);

The sqlite3_wal_checkpoint(D,X) interface causes database named X on database connection D to be checkpointed. If X is NULL or an empty string, then a checkpoint is run on all databases of connection D. If the database connection D is not in write-ahead log mode then this interface is a harmless no-op. The sqlite3_wal_checkpoint(D,X) interface initiates a PASSIVE checkpoint. Use the sqlite3_wal_checkpoint_v2() interface to get a FULL or RESET checkpoint.

The wal_checkpoint pragma can be used to invoke this interface from SQL. The sqlite3_wal_autocheckpoint() interface and the wal_autocheckpoint pragma can be used to cause this interface to be run whenever the WAL reaches a certain size threshold.

See also: sqlite3_wal_checkpoint_v2()

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