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C-language Interface Specification for SQLite

These pages are intended to be precise and detailed specification. For a tutorial introduction, see instead:

This same content is also available as a single large HTML file.

The SQLite interface elements can be grouped into three categories:

  1. List Of Objects. This is a list of all abstract objects and datatypes used by the SQLite library. There are couple dozen objects in total, but the two most important objects are: A database connection object sqlite3, and the prepared statement object sqlite3_stmt.

  2. List Of Constants. This is a list of numeric constants used by SQLite and represented by #defines in the sqlite3.h header file. These constants are things such as numeric result codes from various interfaces (ex: SQLITE_OK) or flags passed into functions to control behavior (ex: SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY).

  3. List Of Functions. This is a list of all functions and methods operating on the objects and using and/or returning constants. There are many functions, but most applications only use a handful.