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SQLite C Interface

Report the internal text encoding state of an sqlite3_value object

int sqlite3_value_encoding(sqlite3_value*);

The sqlite3_value_encoding(X) interface returns one of SQLITE_UTF8, SQLITE_UTF16BE, or SQLITE_UTF16LE according to the current text encoding of the value X, assuming that X has type TEXT. If sqlite3_value_type(X) returns something other than SQLITE_TEXT, then the return value from sqlite3_value_encoding(X) is meaningless. Calls to sqlite3_value_text(X), sqlite3_value_text16(X), sqlite3_value_text16be(X), sqlite3_value_text16le(X), sqlite3_value_bytes(X), or sqlite3_value_bytes16(X) might change the encoding of the value X and thus change the return from subsequent calls to sqlite3_value_encoding(X).

This routine is intended for used by applications that test and validate the SQLite implementation. This routine is inquiring about the opaque internal state of an sqlite3_value object. Ordinary applications should not need to know what the internal state of an sqlite3_value object is and hence should not need to use this interface.

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