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SQLite C Interface

Determine If A Prepared Statement Has Been Reset

int sqlite3_stmt_busy(sqlite3_stmt*);

The sqlite3_stmt_busy(S) interface returns true (non-zero) if the prepared statement S has been stepped at least once using sqlite3_step(S) but has neither run to completion (returned SQLITE_DONE from sqlite3_step(S)) nor been reset using sqlite3_reset(S). The sqlite3_stmt_busy(S) interface returns false if S is a NULL pointer. If S is not a NULL pointer and is not a pointer to a valid prepared statement object, then the behavior is undefined and probably undesirable.

This interface can be used in combination sqlite3_next_stmt() to locate all prepared statements associated with a database connection that are in need of being reset. This can be used, for example, in diagnostic routines to search for prepared statements that are holding a transaction open.

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