Testing Checklist

Testing Checklist

  1. The following tests run on at least one platform and with no errors:

    1. textfixture ../zipvfs/test/zipvfs.test - see ../test/README.txt for build instructions
    2. tclsh th3make zipvfs.rc test.rc
    3. tclsh th3make zipvfs.rc memdebug.rc
    4. tclsh th3make zipvfs.rc min.rc - run with Valgrind with no unexplained errors
    5. tclsh th3make zipvfs.rc alignment1.rc fast.rc
    6. tclsh th3make zipvfs.rc alignment4.rc fast.rc
    7. tclsh th3make zipvfs.rc alignment5.rc fast.rc
    8. tclsh th3make zipvfs.rc alignment6.rc fast.rc

  2. Run the test tclsh th3make zipvfs.rc fast.rc on each of the following platforms:

    1. Linux x86
    2. Linux x86-64
    3. OpenBSD
    4. MacOS-X x86
    5. MacOS-X x86_64
    6. MacOS-X ppc (big-endian)
    7. WindowsXP
    8. Windows7 compiled with Mingw
    9. Windows7 compiled with VS2010
    10. Android

  3. There are no reasonably suppressible warnings on any of the platforms from the previous checklist item.

  4. Verify that databases generated on 32-bit systems are readable and writable on 64-bit systems and vice versa

  5. Verify that databases generated on little-endian systems are readable and writable on big-endian systems and vice versa

  6. Build the command-line shell and verify correct operation

  7. 100% branch test coverage on at least one platform

  8. Code complies with design rules

  9. Code complies with coding rules