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Comment:Fix type on the homepage.
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SHA1: 1433690d7b477607f1d36d9d46987664a4043ee9
User & Date: drh 2019-05-29 13:55:05
Fix type on the homepage. Leaf check-in: 1433690d7b user: drh tags: trunk
Update the homepage to try to make it more clear that the SQLite4 effort has ended. check-in: 042b751618 user: drh tags: trunk
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Changes to www/index.wiki.

     1      1   <title>SQLite4</title>
     2      2   
     3      3   <h1>This Is Probably Not The Project You Are Looking For</h1>
     4      4   
     5      5   <p>SQLite4 was an experimental rewrite of SQLite that was active from
     6         -2012 through 2014.  <em>All development work on SQLite has ended.</em>
            6  +2012 through 2014.  <em>All development work on SQLite4 has ended.</em>
     7      7   Lessons learned from SQLite4 have been folded into the main
     8      8   [https://sqlite.org/|SQLite3] product.  SQLite4 was never released.
     9      9   There are no plans to revive it.  You should be using
    10     10   [https://sqlite.org/|SQLite3].
    11     11   
    12     12   <p>This repository preserves the history of the SQLite4 experiment as
    13     13   an historical artifact.  The code found here is non-functional and is