Changes On Branch block-redirects
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Changes In Branch block-redirects Excluding Merge-Ins

This is equivalent to a diff from 4d1b506594 to 520f3729b8

Merge block-redirects branch with trunk. This changes the lsm file format. check-in: 647229e983 user: dan tags: trunk
Handle calls to lsm_work() with the nPage parameter set to not greater than zero. Remove some dead code. Leaf check-in: 520f3729b8 user: dan tags: block-redirects
Fix problems with redirected blocks in compressed databases. check-in: 930b7e4507 user: dan tags: block-redirects
Enable the AUTOINCREMENT feature. check-in: 5442b20bf6 user: drh tags: trunk
Change the lsm file-format to allow a small number of blocks belonging to the oldest segment in the database to be moved without modifying their content. This makes it easier to compact a database file to the minimum required size. check-in: 09251cee6a user: dan tags: block-redirects
Insert a value in place of NULL in an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, even if the IPK column is omitted from the VALUES list in the INSERT statement. check-in: 4d1b506594 user: drh tags: trunk
Inserting NULL into a INTEGER PRIMARY KEY fills that key with the next available integer value. The sqlite4_last_insert_rowid() function now works for those cases. check-in: 697ee9faad user: drh tags: trunk

Changes to lsm-test/README.

Changes to lsm-test/lsmtest.h.

Changes to lsm-test/lsmtest1.c.

Added lsm-test/lsmtest9.c.

Changes to lsm-test/lsmtest_func.c.

Changes to lsm-test/lsmtest_main.c.

Changes to lsm-test/lsmtest_tdb3.c.

Changes to main.mk.

Changes to src/lsmInt.h.

Changes to src/lsm_ckpt.c.

Changes to src/lsm_file.c.

Changes to src/lsm_main.c.

Changes to src/lsm_shared.c.

Changes to src/lsm_sorted.c.

Changes to tool/lsmview.tcl.