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# Linux/UNIX build configuration

ADDLIBS       = -pthread
INCPATHS      = -I $(PREFIX)/include

# C Compiler and options for use in building executables that will run on the
# platform that is doing the build.

BCC = clang -g
#BCC = /opt/ancic/bin/c89 -0

# If the target operating system supports the "usleep()" system call, then
# define the HAVE_USLEEP macro for all C modules.


#### If you want the SQLite library to be safe for use within a 
#    multi-threaded program, then define the following macro
#    appropriately:

#### Specify any extra linker options needed to make the library
#    thread safe
#THREADLIB = -lpthread

#### Specify any extra libraries needed to access required functions.
#TLIBS = -lrt    # fdatasync on Solaris 8

# Compiler Settings

#### C Compile and options for use in building executables that 
#    will run on the target platform.  This is usually the same
#    as BCC, unless you are cross-compiling.
#TCC = gcc -O6
TCC = gcc -g -rdynamic -O0 -Wall -fstrict-aliasing
#TCC = clang -g -O0 -Wall -fstrict-aliasing
#TCC = gcc420 -g -O2 -Wall
#TCC = gcc -g -O0 -Wall -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage
#TCC = /opt/mingw/bin/i386-mingw32-gcc -O6
#TCC = /opt/ansic/bin/c89 -O +z -Wl,-a,archive

TCCX  =  $(TCC) $(OPTS) -I. -I$(TOP)/src -I$(TOP) 
TCCX += -I$(TOP)/ext/rtree -I$(TOP)/ext/icu -I$(TOP)/ext/fts3
TCCX += -I$(TOP)/ext/async
TCPPX = g++ -Wall -g -I. -I$(TOP)/src $(OPTS)

# Build

# This is the default Makefile target.  The objects listed here
# are what get build when you type just "make" with no arguments.
all:	sqlite4.h libsqlite4.a sqlite4$(EXE)

libsqlite4.a:	parse.c $(LIBOBJ)
	$(AR) libsqlite4.a $(LIBOBJ)
	$(RANLIB) libsqlite4.a

sqlite4$(EXE):	$(TOP)/src/shell.c libsqlite4.a sqlite4.h
	$(TCCX) $(READLINE_FLAGS) -o sqlite4$(EXE)                  \
		$(TOP)/src/shell.c                                  \

sqlite4.o:	sqlite4.c
	$(TCCX) -c sqlite4.c

# This target creates a directory named "tsrc" and fills it with copies of all
# of the C source code and header files needed to build on the target
# system. Some of the C source code and header files are automatically
# generated.  This target takes care of all that automatic generation.

target_source:	$(SRC) $(TOP)/tool/vdbe-compress.tcl
	rm -rf tsrc
	mkdir tsrc
	cp -f $(SRC) tsrc
	rm tsrc/sqlite.h.in tsrc/parse.y
	tclsh $(TOP)/tool/vdbe-compress.tcl <tsrc/vdbe.c >vdbe.new
	mv vdbe.new tsrc/vdbe.c
	touch target_source

sqlite4.c:	target_source $(TOP)/tool/mksqlite4c.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/tool/mksqlite4c.tcl
	echo '#ifndef USE_SYSTEM_SQLITE' >tclsqlite4.c
	cat sqlite4.c >>tclsqlite4.c
	echo '#endif /* USE_SYSTEM_SQLITE */' >>tclsqlite4.c
	cat $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c >>tclsqlite4.c

sqlite4.c-debug:	target_source $(TOP)/tool/mksqlite4c.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/tool/mksqlite4c.tcl --linemacros
	echo '#ifndef USE_SYSTEM_SQLITE' >tclsqlite4.c
	cat sqlite4.c >>tclsqlite4.c
	echo '#endif /* USE_SYSTEM_SQLITE */' >>tclsqlite4.c
	echo '#line 1 "tclsqlite.c"' >>tclsqlite4.c
	cat $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c >>tclsqlite4.c

sqlite4-all.c:	sqlite4.c $(TOP)/tool/split-sqlite4c.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/tool/split-sqlite4c.tcl

fts2amal.c:	target_source $(TOP)/ext/fts2/mkfts2amal.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/ext/fts2/mkfts2amal.tcl

fts3amal.c:	target_source $(TOP)/ext/fts3/mkfts3amal.tcl
	tclsh $(TOP)/ext/fts3/mkfts3amal.tcl

# Rules to build the LEMON compiler generator
lemon:	$(TOP)/tool/lemon.c $(TOP)/src/lempar.c
	$(BCC) -o lemon $(TOP)/tool/lemon.c
	cp $(TOP)/src/lempar.c .

# Rules to build individual *.o files from generated *.c files. This
# applies to:
#     parse.o
#     opcodes.o
%.o: %.c $(HDR)
	$(TCCX) -c $<

# Rules to build individual *.o files from files in the src directory.
%.o: $(TOP)/src/%.c $(HDR)
	$(TCCX) -c $<

tclsqlite.o:	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
	$(TCCX) $(TCL_FLAGS) -c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c

# Rules to build opcodes.c and opcodes.h
opcodes.c:	opcodes.h $(TOP)/tool/mkopcodec.awk
	$(NAWK) -f $(TOP)/tool/mkopcodec.awk opcodes.h >opcodes.c

opcodes.h:	parse.h $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c $(TOP)/tool/mkopcodeh.awk
	cat parse.h $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c | \
		$(NAWK) -f $(TOP)/tool/mkopcodeh.awk >opcodes.h

# Rules to build parse.c and parse.h - the outputs of lemon.
parse.h:	parse.c

parse.c:	$(TOP)/src/parse.y lemon $(TOP)/tool/addopcodes.awk
	cp $(TOP)/src/parse.y .
	rm -f parse.h
	./lemon $(OPTS) parse.y
	mv parse.h parse.h.temp
	$(NAWK) -f $(TOP)/tool/addopcodes.awk parse.h.temp >parse.h

sqlite4.h:	$(TOP)/src/sqlite.h.in $(TOP)/manifest.uuid $(TOP)/VERSION
	tclsh $(TOP)/tool/mksqlite4h.tcl $(TOP) >sqlite4.h

keywordhash.h:	$(TOP)/tool/mkkeywordhash.c
	$(BCC) -o mkkeywordhash $(OPTS) $(TOP)/tool/mkkeywordhash.c
	./mkkeywordhash >keywordhash.h

# Rules to build the extension objects.
icu.o:	$(TOP)/ext/icu/icu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/icu/icu.c

fts2.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2.c

fts2_hash.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_hash.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_hash.c

fts2_icu.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_icu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_icu.c

fts2_porter.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_porter.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_porter.c

fts2_tokenizer.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer.c

fts2_tokenizer1.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer1.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer1.c

fts3.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3.c

fts3_aux.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_aux.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_aux.c

fts3_expr.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_expr.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_expr.c

fts3_hash.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_hash.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_hash.c

fts3_icu.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_icu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_icu.c

fts3_snippet.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_snippet.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_snippet.c

fts3_porter.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_porter.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_porter.c

fts3_tokenizer.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer.c

fts3_tokenizer1.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer1.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer1.c

fts3_write.o:	$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_write.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_write.c

rtree.o:	$(TOP)/ext/rtree/rtree.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
	$(TCCX) -DSQLITE4_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/rtree/rtree.c

# Rules for building test programs and for running tests
tclsqlite4:	$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c libsqlite4.a
	$(TCCX) $(TCL_FLAGS) -DTCLSH=1 -o tclsqlite4 \
		$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c libsqlite4.a $(LIBTCL) $(THREADLIB)

# Rules to build the 'testfixture' application.

TESTFIXTURE_PREREQ += $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
TESTFIXTURE_PREREQ += libsqlite4.a

testfixture$(EXE): $(TESTFIXTURE_PREREQ)
		$(TESTSRC) $(TESTSRC2) $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c                \
		-o testfixture$(EXE) $(LIBTCL) libsqlite4.a $(THREADLIB)

amalgamation-testfixture$(EXE): sqlite4.c $(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
		$(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c sqlite4.c                  \
		-o testfixture$(EXE) $(LIBTCL) $(THREADLIB)

fts3-testfixture$(EXE): sqlite4.c fts3amal.c $(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
	-DSQLITE4_ENABLE_FTS3=1                                          \
		$(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c sqlite4.c fts3amal.c       \
		-o testfixture$(EXE) $(LIBTCL) $(THREADLIB)

fulltest:	testfixture$(EXE) sqlite4$(EXE)
	./testfixture$(EXE) $(TOP)/test/all.test

soaktest:	testfixture$(EXE) sqlite4$(EXE)
	./testfixture$(EXE) $(TOP)/test/all.test -soak=1

test:	testfixture$(EXE) sqlite4$(EXE)
	./testfixture$(EXE) $(TOP)/test/src4.test

# Rules to build the 'lsmtest' application.
lsmtest$(EXE): libsqlite4.a $(LSMTESTSRC) $(LSMTESTHDR)
	$(TCPPX) -c $(TOP)/lsm-test/lsmtest_tdb2.cc
	$(TCCX) $(LSMTESTSRC) lsmtest_tdb2.o libsqlite4.a -o lsmtest$(EXE) $(THREADLIB) -lsqlite3

varint$(EXE):	$(TOP)/src/varint.c
	$(TCCX) -DVARINT_TOOL -o varint$(EXE) $(TOP)/src/varint.c

# The next two rules are used to support the "threadtest" target. Building
# threadtest runs a few thread-safety tests that are implemented in C. This
# target is invoked by the releasetest.tcl script.
threadtest3$(EXE): sqlite4.o $(TOP)/test/threadtest3.c $(TOP)/test/tt3_checkpoint.c
	$(TCCX) -O2 sqlite4.o $(TOP)/test/threadtest3.c \
		-o threadtest3$(EXE) $(THREADLIB)

threadtest: threadtest3$(EXE)

$(TEST_EXTENSION): $(TOP)/test/test_loadext.c
	$(MKSHLIB) $(TOP)/test/test_loadext.c -o $(TEST_EXTENSION)

extensiontest: testfixture$(EXE) $(TEST_EXTENSION)
	./testfixture$(EXE) $(TOP)/test/loadext.test

# This target will fail if the SQLite amalgamation contains any exported
# symbols that do not begin with "sqlite4_". It is run as part of the
# releasetest.tcl script.
checksymbols: sqlite4.o
	nm -g --defined-only sqlite4.o | grep -v " sqlite4_" ; test $$? -ne 0

# Standard install and cleanup targets
install:	sqlite4 libsqlite4.a sqlite4.h
	mv sqlite4 /usr/bin
	mv libsqlite4.a /usr/lib
	mv sqlite4.h /usr/include

	rm -f *.o sqlite4 sqlite4.exe libsqlite4.a sqlite4.h opcodes.*
	rm -f lemon lemon.exe lempar.c parse.* sqlite*.tar.gz
	rm -f mkkeywordhash mkkeywordhash.exe keywordhash.h
	rm -f $(PUBLISH)
	rm -f *.da *.bb *.bbg gmon.out
	rm -rf tsrc target_source
	rm -f testloadext.dll libtestloadext.so
	rm -f amalgamation-testfixture amalgamation-testfixture.exe
	rm -f fts3-testfixture fts3-testfixture.exe
	rm -f testfixture testfixture.exe
	rm -f lsmtest
	rm -f threadtest3 threadtest3.exe
	rm -f sqlite4.c fts?amal.c tclsqlite4.c
	rm -f sqlite4_analyzer sqlite4_analyzer.exe sqlite4_analyzer.c

	fossil extras | xargs rm