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Comment:Remove an obsolete paragraph from the OP_Column documentation. No code changes.
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SHA3-256: f6d8956cf8b5993a4332b9330e89d5c3d5f8872ea5a2ce3d2e91127406cc1839
User & Date: drh 2019-09-01 23:36:33
When computing an expression value for an index-on-expression or a CHECK constraint and the expressions uses a REAL table column, but the value of that column is an integer (in other words, when it is using the store-real-as-integer optimization) be sure to promote the value to real before evaluating the expression. Ticket [57af00b6642ecd68]. (check-in: 0658c16e user: drh tags: trunk)
Remove an obsolete paragraph from the OP_Column documentation. No code changes. (check-in: f6d8956c user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix a harmless compiler warning. (check-in: 63c67a54 user: drh tags: trunk)
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Changes to src/vdbe.c.

  2523   2523   **
  2524   2524   ** The value extracted is stored in register P3.
  2525   2525   **
  2526   2526   ** If the record contains fewer than P2 fields, then extract a NULL.  Or,
  2527   2527   ** if the P4 argument is a P4_MEM use the value of the P4 argument as
  2528   2528   ** the result.
  2529   2529   **
  2530         -** If the OPFLAG_CLEARCACHE bit is set on P5 and P1 is a pseudo-table cursor,
  2531         -** then the cache of the cursor is reset prior to extracting the column.
  2532         -** The first OP_Column against a pseudo-table after the value of the content
  2533         -** register has changed should have this bit set.
  2534         -**
  2535   2530   ** If the OPFLAG_LENGTHARG and OPFLAG_TYPEOFARG bits are set on P5 then
  2536   2531   ** the result is guaranteed to only be used as the argument of a length()
  2537   2532   ** or typeof() function, respectively.  The loading of large blobs can be
  2538   2533   ** skipped for length() and all content loading can be skipped for typeof().
  2539   2534   */
  2540   2535   case OP_Column: {
  2541   2536     int p2;            /* column number to retrieve */