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Comment:Update pager requirements to account for the ZIPVFS extension.
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SHA1: d94e59b514c16c5f7ea506e0af1c6e2ffecc13be
User & Date: drh 2011-01-10 21:01:10
Original Comment: Update pager requirements to accound for the ZIPVFS extension.
Fix the sqlite3.h generator script so that it generates the correct SQLITE_SOURCE_ID string with the latest versions of Fossil that include fractional seconds on the date/time stamp. (check-in: 3513bf6e user: drh tags: trunk)
A proposed change to the sqlite3_step() API such that it will only auto-reset following an SQLITE_BUSY or SQLITE_LOCKED error. Calls after any other result other than SQLITE_ROW will return SQLITE_MISUSE. (Closed-Leaf check-in: d1b3c54f user: drh tags: step-autoreset)
Update pager requirements to account for the ZIPVFS extension. (check-in: d94e59b5 user: drh tags: trunk)
Reorder the fields in private structures in an effort to reduce alignment gaps and thus make the structures smaller, and to put frequently accessed fields first. Also update some obsolete comments. Valgrind shows a very slight performance improvement. (check-in: 378a1d13 user: drh tags: trunk)
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Changes to src/sqlite.h.in.

  5688   5688   **
  5689   5689   ** ^SQLite invokes the xCreate() method to construct a new cache instance.
  5690   5690   ** SQLite will typically create one cache instance for each open database file,
  5691   5691   ** though this is not guaranteed. ^The
  5692   5692   ** first parameter, szPage, is the size in bytes of the pages that must
  5693   5693   ** be allocated by the cache.  ^szPage will not be a power of two.  ^szPage
  5694   5694   ** will the page size of the database file that is to be cached plus an
  5695         -** increment (here called "R") of about 100 or 200.  SQLite will use the
         5695  +** increment (here called "R") of less than 250.  SQLite will use the
  5696   5696   ** extra R bytes on each page to store metadata about the underlying
  5697   5697   ** database page on disk.  The value of R depends
  5698   5698   ** on the SQLite version, the target platform, and how SQLite was compiled.
  5699         -** ^R is constant for a particular build of SQLite.  ^The second argument to
         5699  +** ^(R is constant for a particular build of SQLite. Except, there are two
         5700  +** distinct values of R when SQLite is compiled with the proprietary
         5701  +** ZIPVFS extension.)^  ^The second argument to
  5700   5702   ** xCreate(), bPurgeable, is true if the cache being created will
  5701   5703   ** be used to cache database pages of a file stored on disk, or
  5702   5704   ** false if it is used for an in-memory database. The cache implementation
  5703   5705   ** does not have to do anything special based with the value of bPurgeable;
  5704   5706   ** it is purely advisory.  ^On a cache where bPurgeable is false, SQLite will
  5705   5707   ** never invoke xUnpin() except to deliberately delete a page.
  5706   5708   ** ^In other words, calls to xUnpin() on a cache with bPurgeable set to