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4 check-ins tagged with "begin-concurrent-branch-3.19"

Add the --enable-update-limit option to the ./configure script. Leaf check-in: f545db6c user: drh tags: begin-concurrent-branch-3.19
Avoid unnecessary mutexes in the pcache1 implementation in the common case where no auxiliary page cache memory is configured. check-in: 5cd9ff87 user: drh tags: begin-concurrent-branch-3.19
Remove the rarely-used scratch memory allocator. This makes the code smaller, faster, and easier to maintain. In place of the scratch allocator, add the SQLITE_CONFIG_SMALL_MALLOC configuration option that provides a hint to SQLite that large memory allocations should be avoided. check-in: cc440400 user: drh tags: begin-concurrent-branch-3.19
Fix a problem allowing a conflicting transaction to be committed in the case where more than one 32KB shared-memory page has been written to since the transaction was started. check-in: 346a710d user: drh tags: begin-concurrent-branch-3.19