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SQLite training in Houston TX on 2019-11-05 (details)
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Fix a broken assert() in fts3. Also some test script issues causing failures with builds that do not support fts3. check-in: d59567dd user: dan tags: trunk
Fix another typo in fts3_common.tcl causing test failures in builds that do not support fts3. Closed-Leaf check-in: 773b5986 user: dan tags: rollback-abort
Fix a typo in fts3corrupt4.test causing it to fail if the build does not support fts3. check-in: 50163034 user: dan tags: rollback-abort
Fix a broken assert() in fts3. check-in: b8dd2d67 user: dan tags: rollback-abort
If a write statement fails with OE_Abort, but there is no statement journal, roll the entire transaction back instead. check-in: 75a8ed7a user: dan tags: rollback-abort
Fix "PRAGMA journal_mode" so that if it fails because there is a transaction open, it does not roll that transaction back. check-in: 9f39cb5b user: dan tags: rollback-abort
Roll back the transaction if a write statement fails with OE_Abort but there is no open statement transaction. check-in: d536be69 user: dan tags: rollback-abort
Add the ".eqp trace" command to the CLI when using SQLITE_DEBUG, as a convenient shorthand for "PRAGMA vdbe_debug=ON" but with automatic indentation feature for program listings provided by the CLI. check-in: 626502fa user: drh tags: trunk