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11 check-ins related to "IN-operator-improvements"

Add the ability to evaluate IN operators as a sequence of comparisons as an alternative to the long-standing algorithm of building a lookup table. Use the new implementation in circumstances where it is likely to be faster, such as when the RHS of the IN changes between successive evaluations. check-in: 95286821 user: drh tags: trunk
Improved VdbeCoverage() macros. A few minor simplifications to generated VDBE code. Closed-Leaf check-in: 01f60027 user: drh tags: IN-operator-improvements
Part of the change in the previous check-in was incorrect and can result in an incorrect UPDATE for WITHOUT ROWID tables. This check-in fixes the problem. check-in: ee5f6eae user: drh tags: IN-operator-improvements
Further enhancements to IN-operator processing. check-in: 7fdf26da user: drh tags: IN-operator-improvements
Refinements to the enhanced IN-operator logic. check-in: 92ba2821 user: drh tags: IN-operator-improvements
Enhancements to the code generator for the IN operator that result in much faster queries in some cases, for example when the RHS of the IN operator changes for each row of a large table scan. check-in: 436e8842 user: drh tags: IN-operator-improvements
Remove (newly) incorrect preprocessor check to fix build on WinRT. check-in: ba782654 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Clean up the IN operator code generation logic to make it easier to reason about. In the process, improve code generation to omit some unused OP_Null operations. check-in: 7c6fbcfe user: drh tags: trunk
The idea of coding IN operator with a short list on the RHS as an OR expression turns out to be helpful. If the list is of length 1 or 2, the OR expression is very slightly faster, but the ephemeral table approach is clearly better for all list lengths greater than 2. Better to keep the code simple. Closed-Leaf check-in: e13175d3 user: drh tags: IN-operator-improvements
Begin making changes to the IN operator in an attempt to make it run faster and to make the code easier to understand. check-in: ee0fd6aa user: drh tags: IN-operator-improvements
Enhance the PRAGMA integrity_check command to detect UNIQUE and NOT NULL constraint violations. check-in: 9abcf269 user: drh tags: trunk