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9 check-ins using file src/main.c version da51988d

Remove compiler warnings under MSVC. (CVS 6249) check-in: 6301f08a user: shane tags: trunk
Correction to check-ins (6246) and (6247): The backup object might not hold a valid destination connection pointer. Also, do not reset the page cache when establishing a read-lock while there is a persistent or truncated journal, only if there is a journal that really needs to rollback. Otherwise backups always reset whenever the source database file is read. (CVS 6248) check-in: 7f827ba9 user: drh tags: trunk
A backup must clear the internal schema of the destination database so that the schema will be reloaded for the next sqlite3_prepare() (CVS 6247) check-in: 76f23a43 user: drh tags: trunk
Must hold mutex on the destination during backups. Add documentation to warn programmers that attempting to use the destination connection during a backup can lead to deadlock. (CVS 6246) check-in: 5f6c06b9 user: drh tags: trunk
Fixed postToParent() return type (Tcl_ThreadCreateType) in test_thread.c to compile with MSVC. Removed a few compiler warnings. Test harness change only. (CVS 6245) check-in: e9475aba user: shane tags: trunk
Fix buffer size in md5_cmd() in test_md5.c. Test harness change only. (CVS 6244) check-in: c1e15717 user: shane tags: trunk
More adjustments to the backup API documentation. No changes to code. (CVS 6243) check-in: ca650879 user: drh tags: trunk
Tweaks to the backup API documentation contained in comments. No changes to code. (CVS 6242) check-in: 6298bcca user: drh tags: trunk
Commit first version of the 'backup' feature. (CVS 6241) check-in: 663479b4 user: danielk1977 tags: trunk