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When STAT4 is enabled, allow probes of the STAT4 table using the value of constant functions computed at compile-time. check-in: 0f250957 user: drh tags: trunk
Always disallow functions as the DEFAULT of a column. Add assert()s and Closed-Leaf check-in: a991bb1a user: drh tags: stat4-function
If an error occurs in the compile-time evaluation of an application-defined function, then propagate back out the exact error code, not just the generic SQLITE_ERROR. check-in: 93f42586 user: drh tags: stat4-function
The valueFromFunction() routine is better able to handle OOM errors. Omit unreachable branches. check-in: 8fb6bd9b user: drh tags: stat4-function
Allow the default value for columns added using ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN to be a function in existing schemas loaded from disk. But prevent this version of SQLite from being used to create such a column. check-in: ff868e22 user: dan tags: stat4-function
Allow the query planner to evaluate deterministic scalar SQL functions used in WHERE constraints if all arguments are SQL literals in order to compare the results with sqlite_stat4 sample data. check-in: b7f1fc26 user: dan tags: stat4-function
Expand the multi-process test cases to repeat each case 20 times and to repeat tests using different journal modes. check-in: a2715b04 user: drh tags: trunk