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Parents and children of check-in [fed79bee]

Test to force edge cases in query logic. Basically, exercise code to handle lack of hits correctly. (CVS 3485) (check-in: 2cb59033 user: shess tags: trunk)
Don't store empty segments. When inserting empty strings, the code was writing out a segment made up of a single leaf node containing the \0 header. LeafReader assumed that leaf nodes always contained at least one term, so assertions would fail.

While it would be possible to support reading and merging empty segments, there's no reason to do so. While this change could have been done in writeZeroSegment(), I put it in leafWriterFlush() so that it would work right if segmentMerge() created an empty segment, which could happen with future changes to how deleted documents are handled. (CVS 3484) (check-in: fed79bee user: shess tags: trunk)

dup fts1 tests and edit for fts2. fts1porter.test omitted because it depends on being able to poke through to %_term table. (CVS 3482) (check-in: 2806c341 user: shess tags: trunk)