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Parents and children of check-in [f30771d5]

Store minimal terms in interior nodes. Whenever there's a break between leaf nodes, instead of storing the entire leftmost term of the rightmost child, store only that portion of the leftmost term necessary to distinguish it from the rightmost term of the leftmost child. (CVS 3513) check-in: f6e0b080 user: shess tags: trunk
Refactoring groundwork for coming work on interior nodes. Change LeafWriter to use empty data buffer (instead of empty term) to detect an empty block. Code to validate interior nodes. Moderate revisions to leaf-node and doclist validation. Recast leafWriterStep() in terms of LeafWriterStepMerge(). (CVS 3512) check-in: f30771d5 user: shess tags: trunk
Delta-encode docids. This is good for around 22% reduction in index size with DL_POSITIONS. It improves performance about 5%-6%. (CVS 3511) check-in: 9b6d413d user: shess tags: trunk