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Merge all recent enhancements from trunk. check-in: dacfff51 user: drh tags: apple-osx
Add the experimental SQLITE_ENABLE_UNKNOWN_SQL_FUNCTION compile-time option. When enabled, the "unknown function" error is suppressed for EXPLAIN and a no-op function named "unknown()" is substituted. This facilitiates using the command-line shell to analyze queries from applications that contain many application-defined functions that are not normally available to the shell. check-in: e22ca3cd user: drh tags: apple-osx
Merge the ORDER BY LIMIT fix, and other enhancements, from trunk. check-in: bf5a9542 user: drh tags: apple-osx
Add an experimental SQLITE_ENABLE_UNKNOWN_SQL_FUNCTION compile-time option. This changes has been merged into main branches via cherry-pick. Closed-Leaf check-in: 4ada023c user: drh tags: unknown-function