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Parents and children of check-in [e11bbf17]

Make sure the INSERT xfer optimization does not trigger if the CHECK constraints on the two tables are not identical. Ticket #2252. (CVS 3660) check-in: 6fc18275 user: drh tags: trunk
Make sure that integer values are converted to real when pulled from a REAL table column by GROUP BY. Ticket #2251. Also make sure default values are correctly expanded. There may be other places in the code where this issue comes up - we need to look further. (CVS 3659) check-in: e11bbf17 user: drh tags: trunk
Disable the OR optimization if it would conflict with column affinity coercions. Ticket #2249. Additional cleanup and testing of the OR optimization. (CVS 3658) check-in: 908daaa9 user: drh tags: trunk