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Parents and children of check-in [bde431b1]

In LSM, avoid calling the VFS xTestLock method to test for a lock that conflicts with one held by the same process. The results of such a call are considered undefined (since they are different under win32 and posix). check-in: a82a9bea user: dan tags: trunk
Add the "--newlines" option to the ".dump" command in the shell to disable the newline escaping mechanism. check-in: bde431b1 user: drh tags: trunk
When multiple constraints need to be evaluated for a row, do any constraints that involve correlated subqueries last. Hence, the priority is index-covered constraints first, correlated subquery constraints last, and all others in the middle. This is a follow-on and improvement to the push-down optimization of check-in [d7bb79ed]. check-in: c4cb9048 user: drh tags: trunk