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SQLite training in Houston TX on 2019-11-05 (details)
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Parents and children of check-in [b0b4c776]

Back out the unix VFS changes that seeks to avoid fstat() calls after an unlink(). That change did not clear the problem on FuseFS. check-in: 0617e20a user: drh tags: trunk
Add the ".eqp" dot-command to the ".help" output in the command-line shell. This was accidently omitted when the ".eqp" command was originally implemented for SQLite 3.8.4 (check-in [e6ecf7337658624]). check-in: b0b4c776 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix the extension01.test script so that it works on windows. Fix a harmless compiler warning in the fileio extension. check-in: baf95a19 user: drh tags: trunk