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Deprecate the SQLITE_ALLOW_COVERING_INDEX_SCAN compile-time option when it is turned off. This probably will impact no-one. If it does, they will get an error message instructing them to contact developers, so that we can get feedback that somebody is actually using this feature. Start-time disabling of covering index scan is not affected. (check-in: 23e49f99 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix the implementation of the built-in RTRIM collating sequence so that it works for control characters at the end of the string. Ticket [f1580ba1b574e9e9] (check-in: 86fa0087 user: drh tags: trunk)
Refactor the LIKE optimization decision logic so that it uses sqlite3AtoF() on both boundary keys to determine if the optimization can be used when the LHS is something that might not have TEXT affinity. Ticket [ce8717f0885af975]. See also [c94369cae9b561b1], [b043a54c3de54b28], [fd76310a5e843e07], and [158290c0abafde67]. (check-in: b4a9e09e user: drh tags: trunk)