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Parents and children of check-in [7b8548b1]

If terminating interactive input to the command-line shell with ^D, issue an extra \n to move the cursor to the next line before exiting. This check-in also accidently adds the test_spellfix.c file to the source tree. (check-in: feff1ef0 user: drh tags: trunk)
Merge the latest trunk changes into the WinRT branch (fixes for tickets [2a5629202f] and [385a5b56b9]). (check-in: 25478dcf user: mistachkin tags: winrt)
Do not consider a DISTINCT clause redundant unless a subset of the result-set is collectively subject to a UNIQUE constraint and it can be guaranteed that all columns of the subset are NOT NULL (either due to NOT NULL constraints WHERE clause terms). Fix for [385a5b56b9]. (check-in: 7b8548b1 user: dan tags: trunk)
Fix for [2a5629202f]. When considering whether or not a UNIQUE index may be used to optimize an ORDER BY clause, do not assume that all index entries are distinct unless there is some reason to believe that the index contains no NULL values. (check-in: 9870e4c4 user: dan tags: trunk)