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Refinements to NULL processing: NULLs are indistinct for DISTINCT and UNION. Multiplying a NULL by zero yields zero. In a CASE expression, a NULL comparison is considered false, not NULL. With these changes, NULLs in SQLite now work the same as in PostgreSQL and in Oracle. (CVS 600) check-in: da61aa1d user: drh tags: trunk
Once it is opened, leave the checkpoint journal file open for the duration of a transaction, rather than closing it and reopening it for each statement. (Ticket #53) (CVS 599) check-in: 7a24336d user: drh tags: trunk
Bug fix: bad code was generated for when the first operand of a CASE was NULL. (CVS 598) check-in: 4debc8db user: drh tags: trunk