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Parents and children of check-in [778b1224]

Update the sqlite3ExprCompare() routine so that it does not think "? IS NOT TRUE" is the same as "? IS TRUE". Fix for [d3e7f2ba5b3]. (check-in: 99eba69b user: dan tags: trunk)
Fix an assert() failure that could occur in a join query if the RHS of an IN() operator is a list containing correlated expressions. This problem was introduced by checkin [e130319317e7611938] which was part of the fix for ticket [787fa716be3a7f650c] - so this commit is part of that ticket's fix too. (check-in: 778b1224 user: dan tags: trunk)
Avoid including the comment in the output of "PRAGMA table_info" in situations where there is a comment following a DEFAULT value within a CREATE TABLE statement. (check-in: d91095ba user: dan tags: trunk)