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Parents and children of check-in [1f930d7e]

Merge the read-only shared memory branch into trunk. After this merge, an unprivileged process can open WAL-mode databases owned by another user as long as a database connection with write permission exists on the database file and if the readonly_shm=1 URI query parameter is supplied. check-in: 19084a66 user: drh tags: trunk
Make use of the sqlite3GetBoolean() interface for more robust processing of the readonly_shm query parameter inside of unixShmMap(). Closed-Leaf check-in: 1f930d7e user: drh tags: wal-readonly
Simplify the wal-readonly branch so that it does not require changes to anything other than os_unix.c and wal.c and a couple of new error codes. check-in: d6b4709d user: drh tags: wal-readonly