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Parents and children of check-in [029ebcd3]

Fix the query planner so that it takes into account dependencies in the arguments to table-valued functions in subexpressions in the WHERE clause. Fix for ticket [80177f0c226ff54f6dd]. (check-in: 7daa6873 user: drh tags: trunk)
If the argument to table function zipfile() is a blob (not text), assume that it contains a zip file image to interpret, not the name of a file on disk. (check-in: 029ebcd3 user: dan tags: trunk)
Improve text-to-integer conversion in boundary cases. The sqlite3Atoi64() function always returns the minimum or maximum integer if the magnitude of the text value is too large. Trailing whitespace is now ignored. (check-in: ace0644a user: drh tags: trunk)