# # Run this script to generated a changes.html output file # puts { SQLite Change Log

Recent Changes To SQLite

} proc chng {date desc} { puts "
" puts "

" } chng {2000 June 6} {
  • Added outer join operators: UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT
  • Added support for using (SELECT ...) within expressions
  • Added support for IN and BETWEEN operators
  • Added support for GROUP BY and HAVING
  • NULL values are now reported ot the callback as a NULL pointer rather than an empty string.
  • } chng {2000 June 3} {
  • Added support for default values on columns of a table.
  • Improved test coverage. Fixed a few obscure bugs found by the improved tests.
  • } chng {2000 June 2} {
  • All database files to be modified by an UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE are now locked before any changes are made to any files. This makes it safe (I think) to access the same database simultaneously from multiple processes.
  • The code appears stable so we are now calling it "beta".
  • } chng {2000 June 1} {
  • Better support for file locking so that two or more processes (or threads) can access the same database simultaneously. More work needed in this area, though.
  • } chng {2000 May 31} {
  • Added support for aggregate functions (Ex: COUNT(*), MIN(...)) to the SELECT statement.
  • Added support for SELECT DISTINCT ...
  • } chng {2000 May 30} {
  • Added the LIKE operator.
  • Added a GLOB operator: similar to LIKE but it uses Unix shell globbing wildcards instead of the '%' and '_' wildcards of SQL.
  • Added the COPY command patterned after PostgreSQL so that SQLite can now read the output of the pg_dump database dump utility of PostgreSQL.
  • Added a VACUUM command that that calls the gdbm_reorganize() function on the underlying database files.
  • And many, many bug fixes...
  • } chng {2000 May 29} {
  • Initial Public Release of Alpha code
  • } puts {

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