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History of test/whereL.test

In the WHERE-constraint propagation optimization, if there are duplicate constraint, make sure only one of them propagates. Proposed fix for ticket [cf5ed20fc8621b165]. file: [0a19fc44] check-in: [5d5b596f] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 3572
When the left-hand side of a WHERE clause contraint is a UNIQUE column, and that term of the WHERE clause is not used for indexing, assume that the term reduces the number of output rows by half. This is one proposed fix for ticket [e8b674241947eb3ba4] file: [df02ffde] check-in: [5c243eec] user: drh branch: unique-constraint-weights, size: 3315
When a column must be a constant due to WHERE clause and the value of that column is being coded as a constant, make sure the affinity is correct. file: [84de61af] check-in: [7404ea83] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 3263
Add a test case demonstrating the collation problem with constant propagation. file: [786ae3e0] check-in: [50add839] user: drh branch: propagate-const-opt, size: 2222
Generalize the constant propagation optimization so that it applies on every WHERE close, not just those that contain a subquery. This then demonstrates that the current implementation is inadequate since it does not take into account collating sequences. file: [eca38f3f] check-in: [57eb2abd] user: drh branch: propagate-const-opt, size: 1732
Initial implementation of the WHERE-clause constant propagation optimization. file: [46492cf4] check-in: [2fb82ad8] user: drh branch: propagate-const-opt, size: 1260 Added