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History of test/tkt3461.test

Remove leftover "breakpoint" commands from test scripts. Also remove blank lines at the end of scripts. (CVS 6721) file: [228ea328] check-in: [1fef16ec] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 1697
Rework the column-cache mechanism to be more robust (and more correct). The column-alias cache is currently disabled, (CVS 6538) file: [f79d0271] check-in: [dd4d67a6] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 1708
Disable the result-set alias cache when on conditional code branches. Ticket #3461. The column cache and result set alias cache mechanisms are prone to this kind of error and need to be refactored. This check-in should be considered a temporary fix in advance of a more general redesign of the whole mechanism. (CVS 5841) file: [5a63e8d8] check-in: [1fa3bbd8] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 1697
Add file tkt3461.test with a few examples of bug #3461. Because these tests currently fail they are disabled for now. (CVS 5840) file: [721baece] check-in: [f2cc1591] user: danielk1977 branch: trunk, size: 1620 Added