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History of test/fts4opt.test

Add the SQLITE_DEFAULT_DEFENSIVE compile-time option. Fix up test cases so that they work with DEFENSIVE enabled. file: [0fd0cc84] check-in: [3212733c] user: drh branch: read-only-shadow, size: 6084
Enable DEFENSIVE mode by default for tests. This requires lots of case of turning DEFENSIVE off in order to dodgy things to the database for testing purposes. No all of those cases are yet handled, so "make test" does not run to completion. file: [f67e6a6d] check-in: [a1d6c671] user: drh branch: read-only-shadow, size: 6120
Fix a problem in fts3/4 that was causing it to discard data cached in-memory if an 'optimize' command is run when there is no data on disk. The usual way this would happen is if the very first transaction that writes to the fts3/4 table also includes an 'optimize' command. file: [fd6a1168] check-in: [79338b99] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 6048
Update fts3/4 so that the 'merge=X,Y' command merges at least, instead of exactly, Y segments from a single level. This matches the documentation. 'merge=X,0' is, as it was in 3.11, an error. file: [1901f696] check-in: [64b3cb29] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 4729
Update fts3/4 so that the 'merge=X,0' command merges X pages from all segments of the first level in the fts index that contains 2 or more segments. file: [f15c8430] check-in: [cddf69db] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 4729 Added