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History of test/fts3c.test

Start reworking fts3 code to match the rest of SQLite (code conventions, malloc-failure handling etc.). file: [fc723a9c] check-in: [30a92f11] user: dan branch: fts3-refactor, size: 9221
fts3 functions for testing scripts. These are a first step towards being able to write test script which verify that fts3 is internally building indices in the expected way. Both new functions are only defined if fts3.c is compiled with SQLITE_TEST defined, as when building testfixture. These functions are not intended to be part of the exposed fts3 API.    dump_terms() generates a TEXT result of all the terms in the index (or a specified segment), sorted and joined with spaces.    dump_doclist() generates a TEXT representation of the doclist associated with a given term in the index (or a specified segment). (CVS 5340) file: [4c7ef29b] check-in: [a48e3d95] user: shess branch: trunk, size: 11655 Added