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History for test/date2.test

[5ef8265c] part of check-in [2978b65e] Always disallow the use of non-deterministic functions in CHECK constraints, even date/time functions that use the 'now' or similar keywords. Provide improved error messages when this requirement is not met. Ticket [830277d9db6c3ba1] (check-in: [2978b65e] user: drh branch: trunk, size: 5495)
[74c234be] part of check-in [b7f70c7f] New test cases for date/time functions in indexes on expressions, in the WHERE clause of partial indexes, and in CHECK constraints. (check-in: [b7f70c7f] user: drh branch: index-on-date-func, size: 4179)
[f8d82bb0] part of check-in [22eda098] Combine the Parse.ckBase and Parse.iSelfTab fields into just Parse.iSelfTab. This fixes a problem with date/time functions in check-constraints. Add some test cases for date/time functions in index expressions and check constraints. (check-in: [22eda098] user: drh branch: index-on-date-func, size: 1612) Added