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History of ext/session/session9.test

Change the names of the stream interface APIs to be of the form "_strm" instead of "_str". In other words, added an "m" to the end, to try to make it clear that we are talking about a "stream" and not a "string. file: [5409d90d] check-in: [1f44bfdc] user: drh branch: sessions, size: 7567
Fix a segfault in the sessions module that could follow an OOM. file: [b6dd1086] check-in: [09985fa6] user: dan branch: sessions, size: 7568
Fix two test cases (due to changes in the formatting of constraint errors) so that all tests now pass. file: [776e4678] check-in: [129e2b69] user: drh branch: sessions, size: 6757
Fix a bug preventing some FK constraint checking from being deferred until the end of changeset application. file: [43acfdc5] check-in: [1452defb] user: dan branch: sessions, size: 6751
Experimental change to the handling of foreign key constraint violations when applying a changeset: all foreign keys, immediate and deferred, are deferred until the end of the transaction (or sub-transaction) opened by the sqlite3changeset_apply(). A single call to the conflict-handler (if any) is made if any FK constraint violations are still present in the database at this point. The conflict-handler may choose to rollback the changeset or to apply it, constraint violations and all. file: [3378ceac] check-in: [1d44e5d3] user: dan branch: sessions, size: 3349 Added