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History for ext/rbu/rbufault4.test

[03d2849c] part of check-in [3212733c] Add the SQLITE_DEFAULT_DEFENSIVE compile-time option. Fix up test cases so that they work with DEFENSIVE enabled. (check-in: [3212733c] user: drh branch: read-only-shadow, size: 1689)
[34e70701] part of check-in [681d96eb] Fix a problem that could cause a spurious SQLITE_NOMEM error when attempting to resume an RBU operation if the previous client failed right after completing the incremental checkpoint. Also a "cannot vacuum wal db" error that could occur when resuming an RBU vacuum if an error (OOM or IO error) occurs during the incremental checkpoint. (check-in: [681d96eb] user: dan branch: trunk, size: 1690) Added