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# This file contains suggested magic(5) text for the unix file(1)
# utility for recognizing SQLite3 databases.
# When SQLite is used as an application file format, it is desirable to
# have file(1) recognize the database file as being with the specific
# application.  You can set the application_id for a database file
# using:
#     PRAGMA application_id = INTEGER;
# INTEGER can be any signed 32-bit integer.  That integer is written as
# a 4-byte big-endian integer into offset 68 of the database header. 
# The Monotone application used "PRAGMA user_version=1598903374;" to set
# its identifier long before "PRAGMA application_id" became available.
# The user_version is very similar to application_id except that it is
# stored at offset 68 instead of offset 60.  The application_id pragma
# is preferred.  The rule using offset 60 for Monotone is for historical
# compatibility only.
0    string  =SQLite\ format\ 3
>68  belong  =0x0f055111  Fossil repository -
>68  belong  =0x0f055112  Fossil checkout - 
>68  belong  =0x0f055113  Fossil global configuration - 
>68  belong  =0x42654462  Bentley Systems BeSQLite Database -
>68  belong  =0x42654c6e  Bentley Systems Localization File -
>60  belong  =0x5f4d544e  Monotone source repository -
>0   string  =SQLite      SQLite3 database