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Comment:Add a short mention of the FuseFS adaptor to the documentation and homepage.
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SHA1: aab6f9cff911bbad6b6dba7f7f4b397aaf1abc06
User & Date: drh 2014-06-13 18:32:49
In sqlarfs (the Fuse FS driver for SQLite archives) make sure it always runs in the foreground. And after it stops, clean up prepared statements and memory allocations and close the database connection before exiting. check-in: ed4e6af2e8 user: drh tags: trunk
Add a short mention of the FuseFS adaptor to the documentation and homepage. check-in: aab6f9cff9 user: drh tags: trunk
Get the sqlarfs.c FuseFS adaptor working for read-only operation. check-in: 2a85fc2898 user: drh tags: trunk
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Changes to README.md.

    61     61             data BLOB               -- compressed content
    62     62           );
    63     63           
    64     64   Both directories and empty files have sqlar.sz==0.  Directories can be
    65     65   distinguished from empty files because directories have sqlar.data IS NULL.
    66     66   The file is compressed if length(sqlar.blob)<sqlar.sz and is stored
    67     67   as plaintext if length(sqlar.blob)==sqlar.sz.
           68  +
           69  +## Fuse Filesystem
           70  +
           71  +An SQLite Archive file can be mounted as a 
           72  +[Fuse Filesystem](http://fuse.sourceforge.net) using the "sqlarfs"
           73  +utility, including with this project.
           74  +
           75  +To build the "sqlarfs" utility, run:
           76  +
           77  +        make sqlarfs
           78  +
           79  +Then to mount an SQLite archive as a filesystem, run:
           80  +
           81  +        mkdir ~/fuse
           82  +        ./sqlarfs ARCHIVE_NAME -f ~/fuse
           83  +
           84  +Replace ARCHIVE_NAME with the filename of the SQLite archive file to
           85  +be mounted, of course.
           86  +The -f option keeps sqlarfs running in the foreground, so that you can
           87  +unmount the filesystem by simply pressing the interrupt key (usually
           88  +Ctrl-C).