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Session Module C Interface

Rebase a changeset

int sqlite3rebaser_rebase(
  int nIn, const void *pIn, 
  int *pnOut, void **ppOut 

Important: This interface is experimental and is subject to change without notice.

Argument pIn must point to a buffer containing a changeset nIn bytes in size. This function allocates and populates a buffer with a copy of the changeset rebased according to the configuration of the rebaser object passed as the first argument. If successful, (*ppOut) is set to point to the new buffer containing the rebased changeset and (*pnOut) to its size in bytes and SQLITE_OK returned. It is the responsibility of the caller to eventually free the new buffer using sqlite3_free(). Otherwise, if an error occurs, (*ppOut) and (*pnOut) are set to zero and an SQLite error code returned.

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