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SQLite Release 3.4.1 On 2007-07-20

  1. Fix a bug in VACUUM that can lead to database corruptio if two processes are connected to the database at the same time and one VACUUMs then the other then modifies the database.
  2. The expression "+column" is now considered the same as "column" when computing the collating sequence to use on the expression.
  3. In the TCL language interface, "@variable" instead of "$variable" always binds as a blob.
  4. Added PRAGMA freelist_count for determining the current size of the freelist.
  5. The PRAGMA auto_vacuum=incremental setting is now persistent.
  6. Add FD_CLOEXEC to all open files under Unix.
  7. Fix a bug in the min()/max() optimization when applied to descending indices.
  8. Make sure the TCL language interface works correctly with 64-bit integers on 64-bit machines.
  9. Allow the value -9223372036854775808 as an integer literal in SQL statements.
  10. Add the capability of "hidden" columns in virtual tables.
  11. Use the macro SQLITE_PRIVATE (defaulting to "static") on all internal functions in the amalgamation.
  12. Add pluggable tokenizers and ICU tokenization support to FTS2
  13. Other minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements

A complete list of SQLite releases in a single page and a chronology are both also available. A detailed history of every check-in is available at SQLite version control site.