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SQLite Release 3.46.0 On 2024-05-23

  1. Enhance PRAGMA optimize in multiple ways, to make it simpler to use:
    1. PRAGMA optimize automatically implements a temporary analysis limit to prevent excess runtime on large databases.
    2. Added the new 0x10000 bitmask option to check for updates on all tables.
    3. Automatically re-analyze tables that do not have sqlite_stat1 entries.
  2. Enhancements to the date and time functions:
    1. The strftime() SQL function now supports %G, %g, %U, and %V.
    2. New modifiers 'ceiling' and 'floor' control the algorithm used to resolve ambiguous dates when shifting a date by an integer number of months and/or years.
    3. The 'utc' and 'localtime' modifiers are now no-ops if SQLite knows that the time is already in UTC or in the localtime, respectively.
  3. Add support for underscore ("_") characters between digits in numeric literals.
  4. Add the json_pretty() SQL function.
  5. Query planner improvements:
    1. The "VALUES-as-coroutine" optimization enables INSERT statements with thousands of rows in the VALUES clause to parse and run in about half the time and using about half as much memory.
    2. Allow the use of an index for queries like "SELECT count(DISTINCT col) FROM ...", even if the index records are not smaller than the table records.
    3. Improved recognition of cases where the value of an SQL function is constant because all its arguments are constant.
    4. Enhance the WHERE-clause push-down optimization so that it is able to push down WHERE clause terms containing uncorrelated subqueries.
  6. Allocate additional memory from the heap for the SQL parser stack if that stack overflows, rather than reporting a "parser stack overflow" error.
  7. JSON changes:
    1. Allow ASCII control characters within JSON5 string literals.
    2. Fix the -> and ->> operators so that when the right-hand side operand is a string that looks like an integer it is still treated as a string, because that is what PostgreSQL does.
  8. Allow large hexadecimal literals to be used as the DEFAULT value to a table column.


  9. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: 2024-05-23 13:25:27 96c92aba00c8375bc32fafcdf12429c58bd8aabfcadab6683e35bbb9cdebf19e
  10. SHA3-256 for sqlite3.c: 094429ea827fcd32275e767134bc6c7b9ea394a2c5a9e653dd0a0690b2c11358

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