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SQLite Release 3.2.3 On 2005-08-21

  1. Added support for the CAST operator
  2. Tcl interface allows BLOB values to be transferred to user-defined functions
  3. Added the "transaction" method to the Tcl interface
  4. Allow the DEFAULT value of a column to call functions that have constant operands
  5. Added the ANALYZE command for gathering statistics on indices and using those statistics when picking an index in the optimizer
  6. Remove the limit (formerly 100) on the number of terms in the WHERE clause
  7. The right-hand side of the IN operator can now be a list of expressions instead of just a list of constants
  8. Rework the optimizer so that it is able to make better use of indices
  9. The order of tables in a join is adjusted automatically to make better use of indices
  10. The IN operator is now a candidate for optimization even if the left-hand side is not the left-most term of the index. Multiple IN operators can be used with the same index.
  11. WHERE clause expressions using BETWEEN and OR are now candidates for optimization
  12. Added the "case_sensitive_like" pragma and the SQLITE_CASE_SENSITIVE_LIKE compile-time option to set its default value to "on".
  13. Use indices to help with GLOB expressions and LIKE expressions too when the case_sensitive_like pragma is enabled
  14. Added support for grave-accent quoting for compatibility with MySQL
  15. Improved test coverage
  16. Dozens of minor bug fixes

A complete list of SQLite releases in a single page and a chronology are both also available. A detailed history of every check-in is available at SQLite version control site.