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Artifact ID: bc0a4373d5e16e7b6388bcacb86fad2140672b3f
Page Name:HomePage
Date: 2014-05-17 13:27:32
Original User: drh
Parent: 7ffd75c785ffff21699d3b36825aa203d7a97bdc

This Fossil repository holds a snapshot of the PostgreSQL source code taken from the Git repository at git:// on 2014-05-17.

The purpose of this snapshot is to demonstrate the superiority of a relational database (used by Fossil) over a key-value database (used by Git) by providing a platform on which to show how simple SQL queries can extract useful information from a large source repository that would be difficult to obtain without a high-level query language such as SQL.

Some interesting links:

This is not an official repository and is unsupported.

This repository was created as supplemental information for the keynote talk at PGcon 2014 and is ephemeral. Clone this repository if you want to keep it because it will probably be deleted after a few months. Or recreate your own repository of PostgreSQL from the Git repository using the following command:

git fast-export --all | fossil import pg.fossil